February 13, 2013


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Compiled Facts From Our Instagram Feed.

If you are on instagram, so are we! Follow us, our username is lvjhaberdasher. We like to put different information and facts on our feed in the descriptions. Here is a random compilation of facts we have posted to our IG account. Hope you like them :

  • All our ties are cut by hand on the bias. This gives them the fluid look you will see in any quality accessory.
  • Each of our ties will require up to 100 hand stitches.
  • A regular length tie usually measures 57 inches. Ties made for taller gentlemen will measure about 60 inches.
  • Our bows are handmade in New York City.
  • Our bow ties adjust to fit 13-18 inch necks. 
  • Dupioni silk is a very textured fabric. It is created when two silk worms spin their cocoons too close to each other. This creates the little bumps and knots you see in dupioni.
  • Donegal tweed originates from Donegal County in Ireland. It is all wool weaves, often with flecks pattern woven in. 
  • brushed cotton is brushed to remove extra lint and fibers, to make it smoother and a little flatter.
  • We're on twitter too. Follow @lvjhaberdasher
  • We're on pinterest. Go to www.pinterest.com/lvjhaberdasher
  • When designing our pocket squares, we really tried to find materials and patterns we had never seen. We wanted to create a-typical pocket squares. Our silk/polyester pocket squares are thicker and a little more structured than a normal silk pocket square.
  • We love the unusual.
  • LVJ haberdasher is family owned and operated.
  • All our ties are made by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
February 10, 2013


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Featured Tie, 100% Imported English Wool Houndstooth

This weeks featured tie is made of 100% imported English wool. It is a tightly woven Grey and Brown houndstooth pattern. All our neckties are handmade in Calgary, Canada. We find the best quality fabrics possible and turn them into classy ties for gentlemen!

Check out more pictures by clicking here! 

February 08, 2013


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Handmade Ties Advertisement

This advertisement demonstrates why we feel we make the best ties you can find online, or anywhere for that matter. Hands, family and passion is the perfect combination to produce your ties. All of our ties and bows are proudly handmade in Canada and the USA. 

lvj haberdasher hadmade tie in canada

February 06, 2013


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The Tie Guy, Cool Lighting Series.

Fashion blogger (click here for his blog) and instagrammer (@thetieguy) Taylor recently took some photos of our luxury wool ties. He is pictured here wearing the Grey and Brown Wool Houndstooth as well as the Brown and Red Wool Houndstooth handmade ties. We really liked the lighting in these images, especially the window pieces. Good job Taylor!

houndstooth wool tie with grayers coatgrey wool houndstooth tiebrown and red wool houndstooth tie

February 04, 2013


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Downloadable Tie Care Tips

As a followup to our earlier article (click here to view it), we created a simple graphic with our tie care tips. A lot of these tips are interchangeable with bow ties as well. When you purchase beautiful handmade men's accessories, you want them to last a long time. Our ties are made with top quality fabrics and we want you to enjoy them for many many years.

Feel free to save this image for future reference.

tie and bow tie care tips suggestions

January 31, 2013


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February Weekly Tie Feature

We thought we would write a quick blog post to show off our latest tie as well let you know about our weekly tie promotions. For all February we will feature a different tie every week. The tie will be on sale for that given week.

We are proud of our unique and cool handmade mens accessories; we want to place the spotlight on something different every week for the next month! Feel free to leave us a comment below.

The tie pictured below is a beautiful vintage donegal tweed we were happy to find some decent yardage of. This is one cool tie that remains very classy! The fabric is very soft and super high quality.


vintage donegal tweed handmade tie

January 28, 2013


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The dressedtoill series

A while back, we blogged about dressedtoill (click here for the original blog article). His blog contains some great ideas to liven up even your current wardrobe. Rob's style bridges many stereotypes, and he gives the reasons for it! You will see formal attire mixed with casual pieces, great layering ideas and some fresh combinations. We are happy to have done a promotion with Rob (the man behind dressedtoill). He represented our handmade products and brand well. Here are a few of our favourite shots from his posts.

Click here to visit the dressedtoill blog.


floral pocket square

lvj haberdasher brown donegal tweed close up

lvj haberdasher donegal tweed tie

lvj haberdasher floral pocket square

lvj haberdasher blue cotton tartan bow

blue cotton tartan bow

January 10, 2013


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New Tie Knots - Trinity and Eldredge Knots

One of the more recent trends in neckwear is tying fancy knots. Our friend Kyle, owner of Black Label Auto Group (check out his site here), sent in a couple images he tied using these two different knots. We are curious on what you think about these knots. Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion. Cool, cheesy, ugly? Let us know. 
The Eldrege Knot - Created by Jeffrey Eldredge. Visit his youtube video on how to tie this by clicking here.
The Eldrege Knot
The Trinity Knot
The Trinity Knot
January 04, 2013


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Proper Tie Care

 "Even more important than the way you wear your tie is the way you store it."

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December 15, 2012


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We Recommend: The Four In Hand Knot

All our ties are designed for the four in hand knot. If you are not using this method of tying your necktie, you must familiarize yourself with it! The four in hand is the simplest knot to tie and is the most fashionable. 

The end result is a little asymmetric, which is perfect. Not too starchy, a little askew showing there is no chance you are wearing a clip on :)


Click here for a great illustration from "The Art of Manliness"blog.