Handmade Process


A beautiful tie starts and ends with beautiful fabric. Most of our fabrics are woven at the best mills in the UK. From tip to tail, inner to outer, every part of the tie is of highest importance and requires the highest quality material.


Our search for the highest quality thread led us to Japan (not physically). Japanese quality is unparalleled. The highest quality thread we could find is Japanese spun silk thread. Our ties are all hand sewn using this strong and smooth silk. Our special tie lining is the highest quality we could find and is woven in the UK. It provides a solid tie, good-looking knot and enables your tie to retain its original shape for the duration of its life.


Hand Making


The hand making process starts by laying our pattern on the outer fabric. We then hand cut the fabric on the bias. 




The parts are sewn together and the ends are tipped. We double-check the length of the tie at this point.




A special interfacing fabric then lines the length of the tie. The tie is folded and then slip stitched the whole length of the tie. A typical tie may receive as many as 100 stitches.




The ends of the tie are then bar tacked and the label is sewn on.



A final thorough check is made to ensure it meets every one of our standards.




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