The dressedtoill series

A while back, we blogged about dressedtoill (click here for the original blog article). His blog contains some great ideas to liven up even your current wardrobe. Rob's style bridges many stereotypes, and he gives the reasons for it! You will see formal attire mixed with casual pieces, great layering ideas and some fresh combinations. We are happy to have done a promotion with Rob (the man behind dressedtoill). He represented our handmade products and brand well. Here are a few of our favourite shots from his posts.

Click here to visit the dressedtoill blog.


floral pocket square

lvj haberdasher brown donegal tweed close up

lvj haberdasher donegal tweed tie

lvj haberdasher floral pocket square

lvj haberdasher blue cotton tartan bow

blue cotton tartan bow

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