December 17, 2013


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Bow Ties For A Wedding

LVJ haberdasher does custom wedding ties and bow ties! This past summer we provided both ties and bows in several weddings. Here is the last wedding we were part of from the summer. Enjoy the awesome photography after the jump...

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September 23, 2013


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FW13 Wool Felts

Our Fall and Winter offerings. Think warm flannel wools!

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March 26, 2013


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Most Popular Photos

The best so far of our Instagram feed... 

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February 08, 2013


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Handmade Ties Advertisement

This advertisement demonstrates why we feel we make the best ties you can find online, or anywhere for that matter. Hands, family and passion is the perfect combination to produce your ties. All of our ties and bows are proudly handmade in Canada and the USA. 

lvj haberdasher hadmade tie in canada

January 31, 2013


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February Weekly Tie Feature

We thought we would write a quick blog post to show off our latest tie as well let you know about our weekly tie promotions. For all February we will feature a different tie every week. The tie will be on sale for that given week.

We are proud of our unique and cool handmade mens accessories; we want to place the spotlight on something different every week for the next month! Feel free to leave us a comment below.

The tie pictured below is a beautiful vintage donegal tweed we were happy to find some decent yardage of. This is one cool tie that remains very classy! The fabric is very soft and super high quality.


vintage donegal tweed handmade tie

December 04, 2012


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Vintage Lineup

One of our goals is to keep the vintage lineup constantly changing. Here is one of our vintage pieces that sold out before they made it to the web site. Stay tuned for "new" vintage products.

Any ideas on something you would like to see? Leave us a comment.