September 27, 2015


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Summer Wedding Ties and Bows

We love doing custom work for weddings! Our ties and bows are all handmade from start to finish of the best quality fabrics and materials. Click the link below for some pictures of Joel and Whitney's wedding...

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Spring and Summer 2015 - LVJ haberdasher Handmade Ties and Bows

A quick look into what is coming for the LVJ haberdasher spring and summer 2015 line. Rich coloured light wools and Japanese cottons. 

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November 01, 2014


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November Sale

A sale has commenced on our website! Bows up to 50% off. Every items is on sale. 

Visit us at


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July 14, 2014


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Engagement Photo Shoot

A couple shots of a classy couple, of course featuring a LVJ handmade in New York City bow tie...


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April 27, 2014


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The WMBW (what my boyfriend wore) Series. part 3

Another part in our ongoing series from GQ South Africa's best dressed finalist, Sergio Ines. Lot's of images after the jump...

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December 17, 2013


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Bow Ties For A Wedding

LVJ haberdasher does custom wedding ties and bow ties! This past summer we provided both ties and bows in several weddings. Here is the last wedding we were part of from the summer. Enjoy the awesome photography after the jump...

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July 15, 2013


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How To Tie A Bow Tie (GQ and AoM Videos)

The ability to tie a bow is a pre-requisite of being a gentlemen, sort of a rite into manhood. At least we think so, so read more for further tips on how to tie your own bow...
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March 26, 2013


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Most Popular Photos

The best so far of our Instagram feed... 

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The WMBW (what my boyfriend wore) Series

Fashion blogger Sergio and his girlfriend Misha are running an awesome fashion blog over at Sergio has been representing our handmade bows and ties with such effortless style! Here are a few of our favourite shots so far.

red wool LVJ haberdasher tie cotton tartan hadnmade tie

brushed cotton tie purple heritage LVJ tie

100% english wool tie red cotton tartan bow what my boyfriend wore

donegal tweed tie bar lapel pin what my boyfriend wore tweed wool tie

handmade bow new york grey donegal tweed LVJ haberdasher gentlemens wool tie

tie bar handmade italian wool tie floral lapel pin cotton bow floral pocket square

blazer with tartan bow lvj haberdasher pocket square what my boyfriend wore lvj tie

February 13, 2013


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Compiled Facts From Our Instagram Feed.

If you are on instagram, so are we! Follow us, our username is lvjhaberdasher. We like to put different information and facts on our feed in the descriptions. Here is a random compilation of facts we have posted to our IG account. Hope you like them :

  • All our ties are cut by hand on the bias. This gives them the fluid look you will see in any quality accessory.
  • Each of our ties will require up to 100 hand stitches.
  • A regular length tie usually measures 57 inches. Ties made for taller gentlemen will measure about 60 inches.
  • Our bows are handmade in New York City.
  • Our bow ties adjust to fit 13-18 inch necks. 
  • Dupioni silk is a very textured fabric. It is created when two silk worms spin their cocoons too close to each other. This creates the little bumps and knots you see in dupioni.
  • Donegal tweed originates from Donegal County in Ireland. It is all wool weaves, often with flecks pattern woven in. 
  • brushed cotton is brushed to remove extra lint and fibers, to make it smoother and a little flatter.
  • We're on twitter too. Follow @lvjhaberdasher
  • We're on pinterest. Go to
  • When designing our pocket squares, we really tried to find materials and patterns we had never seen. We wanted to create a-typical pocket squares. Our silk/polyester pocket squares are thicker and a little more structured than a normal silk pocket square.
  • We love the unusual.
  • LVJ haberdasher is family owned and operated.
  • All our ties are made by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.