Proper Tie Care

With good care, most quality ties you purchase should last a very long time. With just a few simple rules to follow, taking care of your ties is simple and keeps your investments in top shape. There is a great article at, written by Brandon Dyce dealing with this subject. Here are a few highlights!

1. To remove your tie, do not pull the thinner end through the knot! Simply, untie in reverse of your knot of choice. 

2. After usage, hang your ties on a tie rack or hanger to store. This takes out any creases that may be left from wear.

3. To remove wrinkles, don't iron your tie. Use a steamer or the steam function on your iron.

4. The article recommends you do not dry-clean your ties, unless its a specialty dry cleaner. Many dry cleaners will press your ties leaving them shiny.

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