April 27, 2014


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The WMBW (what my boyfriend wore) Series. part 3

Another part in our ongoing series from GQ South Africa's best dressed finalist, Sergio Ines. Lot's of images after the jump...

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October 23, 2013


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GQ Best Dressed Men

Congrat's to Sergio Ines of "whatmyboyfriendwore" for placing second in this years GQ Best Dressed Men awards. Read more after the jump...

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September 23, 2013


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FW13 Wool Felts

Our Fall and Winter offerings. Think warm flannel wools!

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June 25, 2013


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Included In A GQ Feature

Our products in the pages of GQ? We had to pinch ourselves to make sure it was reality, and can now confirm its true! Click to read more...
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April 18, 2013


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Spring and Summer Ties

We are proud of our spring and summer ties for 2013. We wanted to create a spring and summer collection with lighter fabrics and more colours. We think we succeeded. Most our spring and summer offerings are made from cotton. To that end, we used a staple of summer fabric, seersucker cotton (see our post on seersucker fabric here) to make so perfect summer ties. We also used some linen to make a beautiful herringbone tie that you can purchase here. The only thicker ties we made were the cotton corduroy ties, made to balance the lighter blazers they could be paired with. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

March 22, 2013


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LVJ haberdasher Reviews and Press

In the few short months since we have launched our website there has been so much positive feedback and a great buzz online. Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far, we appreciate every "like", "follow", "pageview" and any other love. 

We wanted to share with you some of the blog posts and reviews out there so far. Click any of the images to be taken directly to the external site.


What My Boyfriend Wore | REVIEW + BLOG POSTS

What My Boyfriend Wore is a fashion blog based out of Cape Town, South Africa. Sergio (blog author) has been featured in GQ and has great fashion sense. Follow his blog (www.whatmyboyfriendwore.com) for fashion tips, education and inspiration. We were fortunate enough to have Sergio devote a post to reviewing LVJ haberdasher. He liked us a lot, read what he had to say by clicking the image below! Also on his blog, search LVJ haberdasher and see the absolutely amazing job Sergio has done representing our products. We are proud to have Sergio wearing our stuff!

what my boyfriend wore 


Life Where We Are | ARTICLE

Life Where We Are is a fun blog authored by Misty Hamel. Misty mixes humour, life, food and many more topics into a fun and interesting blog! Misty took the time to post about LVJ haberdasher and our handmade products following our launch back in December 2012.

life where we are lvj article


Details Style Network | BLOG POST

The Details Style Network has some of the best fashion bloggers contributing on a daily basis. Rob from Dressed To Ill is one of their featured contributors. We we're happy to see Rob wearing our Copper Silk Dupioni tie in a feature on their site!

details blog post


Fifths Apart | ARTICLE

Fifths Apart is a new blog from the UK. They found us and really liked what we we're doing. Thank you so much to the folks at Fifths Apart for the great article!

fifths apart


Dressed To Ill | BLOG POSTS

Rob has wore some of our products on his fashion blog, on which he publishes his awesome daily outfits. Rob has a great ability to mix patterns, textures and colours. He has incorporated our products into his repertoire with such style! When we designed our launch products, this is how we wanted them to be represented! It is great to see Rob contributing to the Details style network.

dressed to ill lvj posts


February 20, 2013


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Fashion blog, What My Boyfriend Wore

"A fashion diary with some fun stuff thrown in"
We are proud to have been featured in the tremendous fashion blog from South Africa...
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February 13, 2013


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Compiled Facts From Our Instagram Feed.

If you are on instagram, so are we! Follow us, our username is lvjhaberdasher. We like to put different information and facts on our feed in the descriptions. Here is a random compilation of facts we have posted to our IG account. Hope you like them :

  • All our ties are cut by hand on the bias. This gives them the fluid look you will see in any quality accessory.
  • Each of our ties will require up to 100 hand stitches.
  • A regular length tie usually measures 57 inches. Ties made for taller gentlemen will measure about 60 inches.
  • Our bows are handmade in New York City.
  • Our bow ties adjust to fit 13-18 inch necks. 
  • Dupioni silk is a very textured fabric. It is created when two silk worms spin their cocoons too close to each other. This creates the little bumps and knots you see in dupioni.
  • Donegal tweed originates from Donegal County in Ireland. It is all wool weaves, often with flecks pattern woven in. 
  • brushed cotton is brushed to remove extra lint and fibers, to make it smoother and a little flatter.
  • We're on twitter too. Follow @lvjhaberdasher
  • We're on pinterest. Go to www.pinterest.com/lvjhaberdasher
  • When designing our pocket squares, we really tried to find materials and patterns we had never seen. We wanted to create a-typical pocket squares. Our silk/polyester pocket squares are thicker and a little more structured than a normal silk pocket square.
  • We love the unusual.
  • LVJ haberdasher is family owned and operated.
  • All our ties are made by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
February 10, 2013


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Featured Tie, 100% Imported English Wool Houndstooth

This weeks featured tie is made of 100% imported English wool. It is a tightly woven Grey and Brown houndstooth pattern. All our neckties are handmade in Calgary, Canada. We find the best quality fabrics possible and turn them into classy ties for gentlemen!

Check out more pictures by clicking here! 

February 08, 2013


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Handmade Ties Advertisement

This advertisement demonstrates why we feel we make the best ties you can find online, or anywhere for that matter. Hands, family and passion is the perfect combination to produce your ties. All of our ties and bows are proudly handmade in Canada and the USA. 

lvj haberdasher hadmade tie in canada