There are plenty of places to buy a tie, why buy from LVJ haberdasher? We started this company to provide an alternative for those wanting to stand out. If you take note, most ties out there look quite similar. Just ask your friends where they purchased their accessory and you too can have the same thing! Sure a suit can make a man, but the wrong accessory can ruin him.

First we needed to come up with the perfect design. What we started with and what we finished with is quite different! Iteration after iteration after iteration produced what have now become our standard designs. Hundreds of hours went into designing not only the look and shape, but also engineering and materials put into each product. Every detail thought through, our ties and bows are the most intelligently made accessory you will ever wear.

Our products are all short run, which means two things. There are always fresh styles and you can be sure there are not countless other men out there wearing the exact same accessory. If you are satisfied with crass, shiny power ties there are endless places for you to keeping buying “that” tie. Our product is for those who realize a quality accessory, with heritage roots, built with loving craftsmanship will standout in perfect taste and last a lifetime.

The largest LVJ haberdasher difference is our people. It is owned and run by family, with each member as passionate about ties as the founder, Luke. Their passion lends to an attention to detail, care and craftsmanship that you cannot find anywhere else. Our ties are all handmade in Calgary, Canada. To produce the highest quality bow possible, we hand make our bows in New York City. Our bow maker has over 60 years experience, and we think makes the perfect bow! It is our goal to provide the customer with the highest quality product possible. We think it is cool that machines can make ties; we choose to use our hands. We know you will love the difference.


How are our ties made? Read about our handmade process here.