How To Tie A Tie: The Double Four-In-Hand Knot (or the Neapolitan knot)

There are some "interesting" knots gaining popularity these days. The eldridge knot and trinity knot are the more popular ones. GQ's style guy, Glenn O'Brien has this to say about the eldridge knot, "it doesn't look cool. It looks ridiculous". Click here to read his opinion directly from the GQ site.

If you like these tie knots, then rock them with confidence!

One of the most interesting knots re-gaining popularity is the double four-in-hand. It remains classy, but has a little bit of an edge to it. This knot was really popularized by Italian style icon, Gianna Angelli back in the mid 1900's. Here is a video published by GQ on how to tie the knot. As well here are some step by step images.


Step by step

how to tie a tie step 1
1. Cross the long end over the short end.

how to tie a tie step 2
2. Wrap around one time.

how to tie a tie step 3
3. Keep a finger under the first wrap, and wrap around again.

how to tie a tie step 4
4. Bring the end around the back and up

how to tie a tie step 5
5. Pull end down under the first of the two wraps.

how to tie a tie step 6
6. Adjust to style and wear with confidence!

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