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A quality accessory should last you a long, long time! With proper care our handmade bows and ties should last you a lifetime. If you treat your accessories well, they will likely serve you well :) We handmake our products from a diverse range of fabrics; from brushed cotton to silk dupioni we like the unusual. Below are a few style and care tips related to men's accessories. Feel free to leave your tip or comments in the comment section below.

bow tie style tips 

  • The width of the tied bow should no be wider than your face. Try to keep it within the confines of the width of your collar. If your bow doesn't look perfectly symmetrical, that's a good thing! Let your bow show its character.
  • When untying your neck tie, don't pull the small end through the knot. Simply untie your knot of choice, in reverse. Pulling the small end through the knot causes unneeded stress on your tie.
  • The best way to store your tie after use is hanging on a tie rack or hanger. This hanging takes out most creases or wrinkles naturally.
  • Try keeping in mind contrast when putting together combos. There are times for monochromatic combos, and even they play off contrast. Try contrasting colours, pattern sizes and textures.
    • When tied your tie should just exactly just reach your belt buckle. The only exception is if your wearing your shirt unbuttoned and the tie loosed for a more casual look. At least that is our opinion, we would be happy to hear yours.

  • A coloured belt (basically anything other than black) can add a lot to your outfit if done tastefully. Try adding more colour in general to your outfits as it gets into spring and then summer.

  • It is no longer a no-no to mix patterns, just make sure it is done in good taste still. Mixed patterns is easy to get wrong.

  • Feel comfortable with what you're wearing. Your clothes effect how you carry yourself.

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