The Best Blogs To Follow

Well, in our knowledge base and opinion these are the top blogs to follow! Hopefully you will find their content as interesting as we have. These blogs cover topics like lifestyle, men's fashion, gadgetry and travel. A true gentlemen must be well rounded in knowledge and experience; read, ponder and learn as much as possible :)


Dressed To Ill

dressedtoill logo 
Dressed To Ill is authored by Rob from New Jersey. The blog is primarily based on the daily outfits from Rob's seemingly endless closet. Mixed with the daily outfits, you will find inspiration and some really great tips on how to step up your dress. Rob is also a featured contributor on the Details style network, and we are proud to have him wear some of our products on both his blog and the Details style network. You can check out his page on the Details website here.


What My Boyfriend Wore

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This is one awesome blog! The backstory is that the author's girlfriend started taking daily images of Sergio (author) and posting them on Instagram. From there things have pretty much gone viral for Sergio. He is now approaching 20,000 followers on Instagram, has Facebook, twitter and this thriving blog! We are very proud to have had Sergio representing our products. He is a pro and has been featured in many places, including GQ South Africa! You can see his feature here.
TSB men (or the style blogger) is an excellent blog based out of New York City, by a Canadian! How cool is that? The boss, Dan Trepanier, is from Canada and moved to Manhattan to play university basketball. Following success both in university and basketball Dan was named by Esquire magazine as "Best Dressed Real Man in America"! Not bad for a small town Canadian aye? This blog provide some real amazing content. One of the best features thus far is the style guide, which allows you to browse outfits based on categories such as event, weather and what piece of clothing you want to base your outfit from. Check out the great style guide here.

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Everyone loves gizmos and gadgets right? This blog provides enough "gear for guys" to seriously overwhelm you in short order! If you like quality cool gear, check this blog out regularly, they update very often.


The Art of Manliness
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In the interest of becoming a well rounded gentleman, keep up with this blog! This blog was started in 2008 by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay in Oklahoma and has grown into a very popular and trusted blog. They have over 100,000 subscribers and state the blog continues to grow at an exceptional state. Topics such as grooming, etiquette, health and relationships are what you will find countless helpful articles on The Art of Manliness.

The Tie Guy
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Menswear enthusiast Taylor keeps this tumblr blog jumpin' with menswear imagery! Check it out for very frequent menswear updates.

Andre de la Mode
andre de la mode

Outfits, shopping and fashion tips from a Canadian! LIke us Andre believes to always dress your best, you never know when opportunity will come knocking!

He Spoke Style
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A newer blog with already some great content! Check out the article on one outfit for the entire year here.

Life Where We Are
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Life Where We Are is run by good friend Misty. If you are in the Calgary area, make sure to keep on with her blog (especially if you like food :) Life Where We Are is about social events, life events and amazing food. Misty has been a huge support to LVJ haberdasher and we are very grateful to her!

The Sartorialist
the sartorialist

Last but not least, The Sartorialist, written by Scott Schuman is the de facto single most followed and ground breaking street fashion blog. Scott began capturing street style in New York City and now has been featured in GQ and many other publications. He has two books out and his art can be found in the Victoria & Albert  Museum as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Mr Schuman has a way of capturing people on the streets like no one else! He has truly pioneered street fashion blogging. 

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