Seersucker Cotton

seersucker tie

The Word

Most of what you will read here was taken from the wikipedia article here. The word seersucker has an interesting history. Apparently the word seersucker comes from a Hindustani word that means "milk and sugar". Likely this is referring to the smooth (milk) and bumpy (sugar) surfaces of seersucker. Seersucker is woven in a way that some threads bunch together in places and create a bumpy surface. The bumps in the fabric keeps the fabric away from the skin allowing for better airflow. This makes for a much cooler shirt/skirt/pants.

Seersucker History

Seersucker was first popularized in British India, due to the warm climate there. When it landed in the USA is was worn primarily by these in the Southern (warmest) States. What is interesting is that in the US it was primarily worn by the lower/poor class, until the 1920's. At this time, University students started wearing seersucker in "reverse snobbery".

Our Seersucker Ties

We have used this staple of spring and summer fabric, and crafted some really beautiful ties for spring/summer 2013. Above image is a sneak preview of a black and white striped offering. We hope you will enjoy our seersucker collection as they have been a pleasure to wear in the product testing. Stay cool!

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